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Ich bin nicht Konny Reimann!!!

Liebe Leser dieses Blogs, liebe Familie Reimann und lieber Fernsehsender RTL. Scheinbar gibt es hier ein großes Mißverständnis bezüglich meiner Identität bzw. dieser Website, denn dies ist lediglich eine kleine Bielefelder Homepage und nicht die Seite des großen Hamburger Auswanderers Konny Reimann aus Texas, Gainsville am Moss Lake! Sicher, ich habe bereits häufig darüber berichtet, aber deswegen müsst Ihr mir noch keine Mails schicken, die eigentlich für die Reimanns bestimmt sind. Wenn Ihr eines seiner Ferienhäuser buchen wollt, dann solltet Ihr Euch schon direkt an ihn wenden, denn ich habe hier leider kein Reisebüro und Eure Buchung kann somit nicht berücksichtig werden. Ferien auf Konny Island machen klingt ja selbst für mich sehr spannend, aber ICH BIN ES NICHT!!!! Bitte, lest Euch doch nochmal alles in Ruhe durch und dann sollte auch selbst der blindeste unter den Blinden feststellen, dass hier NICHT die Seite von Konny Reimann ist! Sollte Konny hingegen erwägen, mir für die Weiterleitung seiner Buchungsanfragen eine Woche gratis Aufenthalt am Moss Lake zu spendieren, dann schreib ich Euch hier gern auch meine Telefonnummer rein ?

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Wie buche ich Ferien bei Konny Reimann

Ich sollte Provision für die ganzen Anfragen verlangen, die ich Konny Reimann mittlerweile weiterleite. Scheinbar geht seine Website mal wieder nicht und die Leute landen dann immer bei mir. Aber ich kann da leider auch nichts für und mehr als ihm ne Mail schicken geht ja nicht. Also lieber Konny, wenigstens ne Portion Texas Salsa sollte wohl drin sein!

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Mein lieber Konny Reimann…

…scheinbar ist ja Deine Webseite zur Zeit nicht erreichbar. Das ist sicher auch für Dich sehr bedauerlich, aber ich habe hier jede Menge Mails von buchungswilligen Touristen bekommen, die ich Dir gern weiterleiten würde. ?

„His instincts are incredible out there. He’s one of those guys who sees everything on the field. He sees the formations and routes and splits and anything pre snap that can help him get an idea of whether the ball is coming his way or if it’s going the other [way] or if it’s a run or pass or deep throw or short throw.“USA TODAY SPORTS WIREUSA TODAY Sports Week 7 NFL picksBrady enters the game as the architect of the league’s top offense and the frontrunner for league MVP. Miami (7 5) also saw its six game streak end at Baltimore.Buffalo (6 6) blew a big lead and got pushed around in the second half by Oakland. Houston (6 6) not only couldn’t handle the Packers‘ intensity, it couldn’t deal wholesale jerseys china with the snow, wind and cold in Green Bay, where the Packers finally found that fierce edge to their game.New York figures to rebound from its beating it better, considering Dallas comes to the Meadowlands next Sunday night and can clinch the NFC East with a win. The Millennium Development Goals Gender Chart 2015 was launched in New York on 23 February 2016. The final edition of the MDG Gender Chart depicts the progress made towards the goals for of women and girls around the world cheap football jerseys over the last two decades as reflected in a number of indicators, many of which are used to monitor the MDGs. The Chart shows that although there has been some progress in a number of the gender dimensions of the Goals, more needs to be done, in every country and at every level to achieve equality.Takata has shortlisted Autoliv (NYSE:ALV) and Key Safety Systems as potential bidders, as the company progresses toward a final round of negotiating a sale, Bloomberg reports. The two were preferred because of their expertise in making airbag systems and safety equipment, as carmakers look for ways to improve efficiencies in Takata’s (OTCPK:TKTDY) production.But join me anyway, for a tour of the psyche of Lehigh hoops fans this week. Friday, Lehigh fans considered Duke an cheap nfl jerseys ideal matchup. Not because of how the teams matched up on the court, but simply because Duke is Duke. They are a storied program that much of the cheap nfl jerseys country loves to hate. If we are going to be cheap jerseys in the tournament, dreaming of pulling off the upset, we might as well play Duke.The only major issue is injuries to the offensive line, but that was a problem last year and they still won it all.St Louis RamsThe Sam cheap oakley sunglasses Bradford era could be over and he may well go down as the biggest quarterback bust cheap nfl jerseys in league history. His $78m contract has garnered just 18 wins in four seasons but he still had the talent that made people believe in him but he will now miss this entire season because of an ACL injury, leaving veteran Shaul Hill as the starter.

Neues von Konny Reimann

Bei Konny Reimann auf Konny Island hat sich mal wieder ne ganze Menge getan. So ist Konny seit kurzem stolzer Besitzer eines neuen Motorbootes, mit welchem er bzw. Manu den Moss Lake unsicher macht. Ausserdem können interessierte Urlauber nun ganz in der Nähe auf einer Ranch reiten. Das Gelände in Valley View ist nur 30 Minuten von Konny Island entfernt und bietet auf über 60ha ein unbeschreibliches Erlebnis.

Nur die Webseite ist noch im, sagen wir mal, „klassischen“ Retro-Look ? Dabei bietet sich doch grad für Konny ein WordPress an würd ich mal sagen.

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Konny Reimann in Hamburg

Und ich wunder mich schon, weshalb heute so ein riesen run auf Konny Reimann ist. Mein Blog explodiert förmlich und mein Google-Analytics-Punkt für heute ist jetzt schon dreimal so hoch wie sonst: Konny Reimann flaniert heut über die Reeperbahn. Und wo bin ich? In Bielefeld!!! Na dann Konny, viel Spaß in Deiner alten Heimat und denk dran, mein Angebot steht noch für Ferien auf Konny-Island.

GREENE: You did seem in this chapter in this book like you wanted to put the truth out there. But, you know, I feel compelled to point out for people, I mean, there’s some facts missing. I mean, there was there are things like blood found in your cheap jerseys limo. There’s the sports store where you’re signing autographs with.Jonathan Papelbon is a bad pitcher and a worse human being. He came to Philly, not to win, but because they were dumb enough to offer the most money. The Red Sox were more than happy to let Papelbon take his petulant toddler act out of town in order to cheap nfl jerseys let that whole „Fired chicken and beer in the clubhouse“ fiasco fade into the rear view mirror.Every NFL team has its ups and downs, seasons which don’t pan out in the way they were expected to. For some teams however, the ups come far less frequently and the downs seem to never end. The Cleveland Browns are a team that has seen nothing but pain in recent years and this season has been no exception. On Sunday, the Browns were totally eradicated by the Cincinnati Bengals 37 3, forcing their disappointed fanbase to once again look to the next season. The issue for these beleaguered Browns fans is that there is very little to look forward to.Part D is the part ray ban outlet of Medicare that covers prescription drugs. It’s also the part that experts say we’d better be paying attention to during this open enrollment period because costs are jumping big time heretoo. Five of the 10 most popular Part D planshave announced plans to raise 2016 premiums by 16 percent to 26 percent, according to Avalere Health.To strengthen cheap oakley sunglasses their ad offerings, they acquired Israel based startup Clarity Ray, which is an expert ad malware detection and prevention company. cheap football jerseys But more importantly, Clarity Ray’s solutions help prevent ad blocking so that users are forced to see the ads that they were trying to block using tools like pop up blocker.In real life, Gholston, the 6th overall pick in the NFL draft, does not have a single sack after 3 NFL seasons. But when used this way in Madden online, he would often rake in 2 5 sacks and send the QB’s home on a stretcher. Even more interesting is that, no matter how horrendous his play was in the real world the previous year, I was able to use Gholston the exact same wholesale nfl jerseys way for 3 seasons of Madden gaming. Peter Wehner, a former adviser to President George W. Bush, said the news about Scalise’s 2002 speech is „acidic for the Republican Party.“ ray ban sunglasses But GOP leaders including House Speaker John Boehner (R Ohio) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R Calif.) are standing by Scalise amid the controversy.

Konny Reimann, ein Hamburger in Texas

Seit Anfang an verfolge ich auf RTL das Leben der Auswandererfamilie Reimann. Ich muss echt sagen: Hut ab. Was der alte Schnagger bisher auf die Beine gestellt hat ist schon sehenswert. Auf seiner Webseite könnt Ihr alles über Konny-Island lesen, eines seiner Ferienhäuser buchen und ne ganze Menge Fotos bestaunen. Lustig finde ich z.B. die Inneneinrichtung im allseits bekannten Schwedenstil ? Widgets

Ich denke ernsthaft darüber nach, mal bei Konny Reimann Ferien zu machen, sieht echt nett aus! Allerdings würd ich auch gern mal seine Webseite grafisch ein wenig aufhübschen, riecht stark nach Frontpage. Also Konny: 14 Tage am Moss Lake gegen ein neues Design mit ordentlichem Buchungsmodus, was meinst Du?

It is under a giant cloud of uncertainty that the tenth edition of the I League begins on Saturday. This could well be the last time the competition is seen cheap jerseys ray ban sunglasses in its current avatar, before cheap jerseys a merger of some sort with the Indian Super League. The shadow of this proposed union lingers over the I League, but it does not dim the excitement around a new season of football.16. The Brady to Blount to Brady to Hogan bomb in the third quarter was lovely in its deception and effectiveness. (Hogan picked up 28 yards.) But I think we all know the Ravens have seen that one before. It should be noted, however, that it wasn’t Hogan’s biggest play of the night by fake ray bans any stretch. With the wholesale jerseys china field seemingly tilting in the Ravens‘ favor and the margin cut to 3 (23 20), Brady found him for a 79 yard touchdown, suckering half the Baltimore defense with play action. Hogan finished with 129 yards on five catches, and he’s now averaging 19 yards per catch this season (32 for 609).“This is really a setback for low wage earners‘ rights,“ Chavez said. „This is something very injurious to a demographic that doesn’t have good access to the courts. When you’re making eight bucks an hour, going in and hiring an attorney and paying filing fees to find out whether you can work at Subway is just not practical.““I remember him coming in the huddle and telling me, ‚I got to go at it, I want to throw a touchdown pass,'“ said receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who caught the TD. „That’s the first of many.“CONCUSSIONS: Quarterbacks Cam Newton and Carson Palmer each left their games in cheap jerseys the fourth quarter with concussions. Investing in department store firm Dillard’s based on a trend may be like buying property in a run down or so so neighborhood cheap nhl jerseys that’s starting to gentrify. You’d have to acknowledge that things at present are not as spiffy as you might wish, but be willing to assume you’re in the early stage of what may be a sustainable uptrend. Another important point to bear in mind is to not stop the traveling ball at once. Follow its path for a bit to slow it down, before grabbing it. You should grab the ball with four fingers on one side and the thumb on the other, with the ball’s front face placed in the middle. Hold it tight, and tuck it under either of your arms after you have caught it.Carolina linebacker Thomas Davis has broken new ground by becoming the first player to return from three ACL reconstructions on the same knee.Another high profile comeback is in the pipeline. Baltimore’s Ray Lewis, a future Hall of Fame member, reportedly could be ready to return from a torn triceps in mid December when the Ravens play Manning and the Broncos.

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