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Armina Bielefeld erhält ein Taschengeld

Nun haben sie den ganzen Nachmittag diskutiert und letztendlich ist aus dem benötigten 4 Millionenkredit eine Summe von 500.000 Euro übrig geblieben. Ob das reicht und mit Geldern aus der Wirtschaft aufgefüllt werden kann? Andernfalls würde das nämlich das Aus für die Blauen bedeuten und somit den Verein in die Insolvenz treiben. Für Bielefeld wäre das in meinen Augen eine glatte Pleite, immerhin haben wir hier in der Region sonst keinen Verein, der in einer vergleichbaren Liga spielt. Auf der anderen Seite ist auch dieser Verein für sich wirtschaftlich selbst verantwortlich und in Anbetracht der Gelder, die im Fußball mittlerweile so fließen, sollte überhaupt mal über eine Reform nachgedacht werden. Aber Geld regiert nunmal die Welt und andere Vereine scheinen ja noch genug Kohle zu haben, siehe im Beispiel Ribéry. Na von meiner Seite: Toi toi toi, liebe Arminia

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Nix mehr mit Florida in Bielefeld: Miami Lounge ist Pleite

Nun ists aus mit der Miami Lounge in Bielefeld, Insolvenz ist hier das Stichwort und wirklich wundern tut es mich nicht. Wie ich ja bereits selbst erleben durfte, war dieser eigentlich sehr edle und schicke Laden ständig wie leergefegt und hielt sich zuletzt nur noch durch merkwürdige Partys am Leben. Ein vernünftiges Marketing lehnte man auf Nachfrage ab, dies sei angeblich in Mache. Aber das ist vielleicht auch ein bisschen Bielefelder Charme, nichts ist so Beständig wie der Wechsel.

But it’s unclear whether that includes patriots quarterback Tom Brady. I don’t know what happened. Reporter: Who denied any involvement, but whose squeaky clean image has already taken a hit. I didn’t believe Tom Brady. And there is not one equipment manager or ball boy in the NFL that would take it upon himself to deflate a football two psi, unless the starting quarterback knew about it. Good afternoon, and welcome to Yahoo!’s Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Earnings Video Webcast. At this time, all participants are in a listen only mode. Later, we will conduct a question and answer session and instructions will follow at that time. As fake oakleys a reminder, this conference call is being recorded. The webcast today will be moderated by Shibani Joshi.These are the two interior players in the defensive line. They stand at the Line of Scrimmage, cheap oakleys facing the offensive line. Their task is mainly to cause the opposing quarterback problems, and force him into making a mistake. They can do this by rushing the quarterback, if they can manage hockey jerseys to get past the offensive linemen blocking him. The players in this defensive football position are also known as Defensive Tackles (DT).You couple that with oftentimes cheap jerseys very sort of poor financial planning or ignorance Wholesale Jerseys about financial matters, and it’s really the social factors that lead to some of these terrible cheap oakleys stories that we’re seeing, you know, post football. What about that? I mean, have you investigated that along with the physical issues?On the other hand, even at 2 4, the Eagles are far from out of it in the NFC East. And although Andy has trouble closing, he definitely has a track record of getting the team to step up at critical times. Like now. When they need to win, a LOT, to stay in consideration for a post season.Giants overcome Bills big plays, win on late FG Ahmad Bradshaw (44) of the New York runs with ball against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium on Oct. Bradshaw ran for season high 104 yards and a career best three touchdowns and Lawrence Tynes kicked a go ahead 23 yard field goal with 1:32 remaining to give the Giants a 27 24 victory over the Bills.A doubling of the salary cap towards $16.5 million per club by 2016 could see the wages of the game’s superstars approaching $2 million a year. Such a rise would cheap oakleys place pressure on the finances of struggling AFL clubs such as North Melbourne, Port Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs.It just came out that actually; they offered him something like $20 million just to do marketing, in other words a buyout. They’re not saying it’s a bribe. It seems a little like a bribe and he seems to be turning it down, but maybe this is all just part of that negotiation, him actually playing. I doubt it, though. It seems like he really does want to play football.

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